'How long is the line to get into TAO Downtown?'

'What is the selection of Allbirds at Flight Club shoe store?'

We're here to help you find out what you need to know about where you want to go.

When Jonah Travis moved to New York City he wanted to start playing pickup basketball. As a standout player in college, he was eager to find some games in the pickup basketball capital of the world. But he soon realized it was not as easy as he had thought. Again and again, he would show up to a famous court and there would be no games going on or there would be too many people trying to play and he wouldn't be able to get in. But this wasn't only a problem for pickup basketball games. Whether he was trying to shop, ball, or go out at night, Jonah would spend $1,000s on Ubers and lose countless hours going to places that were too crowded, too empty, or didn't have what he was looking for. He just wished he had some way of knowing what was going on at a place before he went. So he founded Knoow.

Meet the team

Gus Shaw, Co-Founder and CTO

Jonah Travis, Founder and CEO

Sam Collins, Co-Founder and CPO